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Attention by The MANNA Collection

                                     newsletter vol. 2 may 24

Attention by The MANNA Collection

Why the Designs?

As an architecture and urban design grad student, Hanna Wittmack often draws on the idea of structures in their spaces, which can be quite clearly seen in many of her designs. When the inspiration does not come from buildings, it tends to come from snippets of daily life in Southern California, such as outdoor dinner parties, margarita nights, surfing, and marine life.


Throughout the different series within The MANNA Collection 1, you’ll see the harsh edges of traditional buildings, the curve of surreal, modern orbs and rings, and finally colorful characters and objects that relate to daily life.  

Speaking of Hanna’s work as an artist, her ceramic pieces are becoming more and more popular, and we are excited to incorporate this portion of her artistic identity by expanding the scope of how we share her designs in The MANNA Collection 1 .


The idea of existing loudly can now transcend beyond your walls, with select designs available now on mugs, totes, and shirts.


So, wear it, sip it, exist in it. 


You’ll find more behind-the-scenes of her artistic process on her socials @existloudly_ceramics

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Creative to the core.


With so much accessible to us at the click of a button, a swipe of an app, or a tap on a screen, we want to keep art simple and avoid the oversaturation seen on many e-commerce sites.


As a fully Chicago-based project, we are excited to keep working with incredible artists and creators from all over. Our waitlist is now open for the next rotations, starting with The Manna Collection 2.


If you have a collection and want to work with us, this is the first step. Use the code MannaArtist24 to enter the form.


Don’t forget to check back in from time to time to see what’s new, which pieces have been archived, and which ones have made it on to our upcoming permanent collection.



Max & Anna (& Hanna)


 Follow our socials for regular updates on collections, upcoming launches, and pieces that have been added to the permanent collection.


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