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Connection by The MANNA Collection

newsletter vol. 1 feb 24

Connection by The MANNA Collection

Who Is Hanna Wittmack?

Aside from being our very first featured artist EVER here at The MANNA Collection, Hanna is a UCLA architecture and urban design grad student, incredible baker, skilled potter, and host of some of the best dinner parties Topanga Canyon has seen this year. On that note, we are also so lucky to call Hanna a close friend of ours- there was absolutely no better choice for an artist to help us launch this project. In fact, there was no second choice!


We are excited to keep working with incredible artists and creators, and our waitlist is now open for the next rotations. If you have a collection and want to work with us, this is the first step. Use the code MannaArtist24 to enter the form.


A San Diego native, Hanna embodies not only the Southern California aesthetic but also incorporates her proximity to the ocean into this collection with the colorful modern, clean coastal, and even disco cowboy styles that she has chosen to focus on for The MANNA Collection 1.


The idea of existing loudly, which happens to be her brand’s name, centers on ideas of bringing vibrance to every part of her life while maintaining an independence and strong individual voice. She told us once that the thought is that we can all, ‘Make our waves without sinking anybody else’s ship in the process.'

You’ll find more behind-the-scenes of her artistic process on her socials @existloudly_ceramics

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The Organic Series


Hello From Us

Hi! If you don’t know us, we are Max and Anna, MANNA, and we wanted to give you a sense of who is behind this project. The goal on our socials and our site is to focus on the artists, the work, and the brand, but if you’re here to receive our very first(!) newsletter, we think it’s time to share a bit about us.


This project was first dreamed up on the I-5, on a car ride from San Diego to LA just over a year ago now, and it’s hard to believe that we get to share it all with you! As friends of over 5 years, who met on a study abroad program called Semester at Sea (along with Hanna,) new ideas and flexibility have always been at the core of our friendship. We knew that we could branch out, though, and share exciting new work with the world.


With so much accessible to us at the click of a button, a swipe of an app, or a tap on a screen, we want to bring authentic work by talented artists even closer to the forefront. For us, this project started out as a fun exercise in ‘what ifs’ and turned quickly into something that we have spent months working to bring to life.


Now a fully Chicago-based project looking to work with artists from all over, we are so excited to see that early vision has remained intact while evolving and taking shape.


Don’t forget to check back in from time to time to see what’s new, which pieces have been archived, and which ones have made it on to our upcoming permanent collection.


We hope that you enjoy seeing each collection over time, and we know that you’re here early enough to watch us, and MANNA as a whole, grow and find its place in the online world.


So, thank you so much for being here and supporting us.


Let us know what kind of pieces you’d like to see in future rotations of The MANNA Collection one day!



Max & Anna

 Follow our socials for regular updates on collections, upcoming launches, and pieces that have been added to the permanent collection.


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