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The MANNA Collection is a rotating series featuring limited-run collections of art, made by individual creators at the time of each new launch.

Hannah Wittmack Layered Work

Spotlight Artist 2024


Organic Series

Discover this 3-part series, modern pieces comprised of the orbs and tubes that convey serenity through not only design, but through the calming colors of the work. Each Organic print sequentially zooms in, creating a fascinating conversation on fluidity and perspective.

Organic Series Image

Little Perspectives Series

Indulge in the artistry of Little Perspectives, a meticulously detailed 4-part series celebrating the varied beauty of architectural elements through the individual as well as the collective.

Little Perspective Image

Lost Series

Step into an otherworldly realm with this 3D series, which fuses technology and tranquility while maintaining vibrant surrealist elements.

Lost Series Image
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Hannah Wittmack Layered Work
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